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Moti wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Moti wrote:

Well well, what do we have here... lets see...

Photo 1

Gorgeous model, poor studio work.


1. Posing is rather boring.

Yes, Rembrandt lighting is so 16th century!

could have been more interesting if her face wouldn't have been centered and her hair wouldn't have been cropped. But that is my opinion some may find it ok.

I am sure others do not find it OK.

2. You don't shoot a black haired model over a black background without providing enough hair or back light for better separation.


The lack of it here, makes her hair almost blend into the background.


Sorry but it looks ugly.


3. Flat and uneven lighting. Difficult to see in the catch light if you have used more than one light but in any case, this is not very flattering or interesting to put it mildly.

Yes, there was only one light (FL-36r) and a reflector- totally inadequate for the task at hand.

4. Very compressed tonality.


As a matter of fact, there is almost no contrast here.

Very little indeed.

If you look at the histogram, you'll see that it varies from dark greys to light greys.

It's true.

There are no blacks of whites which together with the poor lighting, makes the whole thing even more dull.

An abomination!

I could have gone further because there is enough to fill a page but lets stop here. Nice try but still a lot to learn.

I agree.

I am a huddled mass in a fetal position as it is!

Photos 2-3

Ok for snapshots, a bit softish, destructive background, could use a bit more contrast.

Yes, mere snapshots.

Nothing more that my 10 years old granddaughter can do.

I would hope she could do better!

Photo 4

I can sum it with one word only - awful.

No, two words:

"Truely awful"!

I am sure that she looks beautiful

Not really, actually ugly as Sin.

but you have managed to make her extremely ugly by using a super WA lens close to her face.

It takes a high degree of incompetence and indifference to achieve what I have achieved.

I think that now is the time to look at the mirror and to ask yourself -

Do we have a moral obligation....

Self immolation is probably the only acceptable response.



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Somehow, I knew this was comming!


I start to like you ...


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the Zombification process is irreversible!


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