Nikon vs Canon choice

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Re: Malicious

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Just in case anyonr cares....this poster is none other than Joe Lavee. He stops by a coupleof times a year to try and start fights with me. He automatically takes the contrary position to me thinking I'm going to care. He'sbeen previously banned as Joe Lavee, Ludwig100, digserv, Northlight2000, Yuzooskar, Jack69, JohnSmith2011, etc, etc. He normally gets banned after throwing a hissy fit at being ignored. It's amusing watching him self destruct. He'll offer nothing here by way of contribution nor sharing imagry in his gallery. Let's see how long he lasts while being ignored this time

Look who's talking. What a hypocrite. An individual that has been banned numerous times in the past.  His previous ID, Faintandfuzzy, has been banned just recently.

An individual that finds pleasure in spewing malicious deceit.

He has no clue regarding my identity, regardless, he writes his rubbish.

This reflect on his credibility.

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