I Need Advice to Make a First Print

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Re: I Need Advice to Make a First Print

Larry, I will just offer a few comments which is NOT inclusive of all details you will use for using your new printer. First-- there is absolutely nothing magical about 300 DPI for printing. However, I do like to send images to the printer with sufficient Pixel size to provide from 240 to 360 DPI to the printer. This does NOT suggest that it MUST be either of these mentioned DPI for printing. Some images will print "good enough" if only 200 DPI image is passed to the printer for printing -- Other images will NOT be good if printed at 200 DPI.

Consider your image size (In Photoshop) in PPI (Pixels Per Inch) and this is what determines the size of Photo that may be printed to get a GOOD printed photo. some images with less details will print well at a lower (DPI) than will images with a large amount of small details.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is applicable for printing. PPI (Pixels Per Inch) is applicable for Image size such as when viewing/processing in Photoshop.

Suggest you use the search to find links that provide more detailed and more useful information for you.

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Thanks Vernon,

Woops, my mistake, I looked again at photoshop and I should have said that my photos are coming into photoshop as 180 PPI images and 27x15. I find this really confusing. The photo itself is 7.5MB, how do I know if I can change the PPI to make a quality 13x19 print?

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