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RWalker wrote:

Can the Scene Mode and Creative Control filters only be used with jpeg.

I tried the star filter in RAW and opened in Lightroom - no filter was applied?


Mr Walker,

A RAW file is the data from the sensor processed only enough, by the camera, to provide a structure that RAW editing/devlopment software can handle.

When you use a camera-jpeg, the RAW editor/developer is in the camera firmware.  That is where all the controls live that render the camera's RAW data to output an image that looks like this or that.

If you take the RAW file from the camera instead of the jpeg, it doesn't go through the camera's own development software - except to render a basic jpeg for you to look at on the camera screen that is.  So none of the camera's own creative controls can be applied.

Computer-based RAW development software tends not to have much in the way of fancy filters of the Creative Control kind.  Instead it provides the means to control exposure, tone, colour, NR and sharpening.  The better RAW developers also contain facilities to correct lens aberations or even to create tone/colour profiles that emulate certain film styles, make B&W/sepia or other stuff that does move towards "creative control".

I haven't heard of one that applies a star filter - but you never know. 

You might need instead some photo-editing software for that.  These days there are a zillion plug-ins for such software that perform all sorts of automated transformations on photo images.  There's probably one somewhere that makes you a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake as it renders your image into "sepia with sky-blue-pink highlights and bournville-chocolate shadows, all in an ormelou frame containing cherubs and grape-bunches"!

SirLataxe, who has a shed full of 3D creative controllers, all quite sharp.

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