The G15 is portable!

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Re: The G15 is portable!

ijustloveshooting wrote:

there's big practical differences between two cameras, as owner of both of them, in terms of IQ, sony is clear winner even at iso80...G15 is great camera too but not in the same class with Rx100....enjoy your new camera...

Of course the G15 is not in the same class as the RX100. It has much more reach, the lens does not close up as much as the RX100 over this longer reach , has plenty of external controls and space to actually hold the camera. 1" is still not a large sensor so I am not sure why there is all this fuss over the RX100. It is just an interesting technical exercise in getting a moderate size sensor in a small body but as usual with Sony more pixels than are of any practical use to the average user.

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