Need a good long distance remote control

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Re: Need a good long distance remote control

malch wrote:

Karl Gohl wrote:

1. Can the wifi remote app cause the camera to fire a bracket sequence?

I'd like to know too. However, my smartphone app won't talk to my NEX-6 anymore.

It worked last week but now the connection errors as soon as its established

I don't think the smartphone link is close to sufficiently robust to make it an effective shutter remote in the field. I've spent an hour and can't make it work at home.

Drat!  I was hoping the NEX6's wifi option would be a solution to both of my needs:

  1. - long distance remote
  2. - remote that will fire a bracket sequence

Best solution for me would be:  Sony offers a little dongle that plugs into the USB port on the camera and has the same socket on the other end as the remote port on the A series cameras (or the micro-stereo-phone socket that lots of cameras use).  Should provide the same half- and full-press functionality as the shutter button on the camera (that is, it does exactly the same thing as pressing the shutter button in whatever Drive mode is set).  Just provide this one simple dongle so all of us NEX users can use the many wired and radio remote options that already exist.

I've recently gone to NEX7 plus 3 zooms as a light weight hiking and travel kit.  If Sony would just offer this little dongle, I'd be able to also use the NEX for "serious" photography (i.e. from a tripod), so I'd sell off my 5D2+several lenses and buy some NEX primes and probably an adapter and some A-mount glass.

Since it's likely that Sony won't offer this dongle, I'm still interested in the wifi option as a possible solution.  So I'd still like to know whether it can fire a bracket sequence.  And how robust and reliable it is.

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