The G15 is portable!

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Re: Actually G15 is bulky & heavy...

larryis1 wrote:

andrbar wrote:

Setter Dog wrote:

And, it has a viewfinder!

Yes ! and a 2.8 140mm lens, and a hot shoe too...

These all sound like very rational reasons to consider and own the Canon PS G15.

By the way, holding both cameras in hand and using both in the field, the Canon PS G 15 feels more like a photographer's "camera" than does the Sony RX100. Although this is a personal preference observation, it does not represent the irrational, but rather a basis to purchase one over the other for some photographers. At the end of the day, this is not about putting one down over the other, but about recognizing that "one size does not fit all".

We should all avoid sterotyping individuals if their behavior or equipment selection does not match our own (e.g., "...except perhaps some irrational brand loyalty to Canon...").

since you hold both of them; how do they compare at the longer focal lenght without flash in low light? assuming with G15 f. 2.5 at 100mm I would be able to stay let’s say at ISO 400, given the RX100 f. 4.9 which ISO level should be considered to compare the RX100? is the better ISO performance of the RX100 able to fully compensate its slower lens in low light at the longer focal length?

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