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Jack A. Zucker wrote:

pspentax wrote:

John Deerfield wrote:

6 stops down from full power would give you around F4 to F5.6 depending on distance and modifier.

If you are shooting at F2.0 the lower power settings are really useful. That's what makes the einstein such a great system. You can overpower the sun or use it as fill light at wide apertures.

You are going to need to be pretty close to f/4 from 1/64th power. Regardless, the "easy" solution is a ND gel. Otherwise, you can program the MC2 to have a starting point ´╗┐lower´╗┐ than full power, giving you access to the minimum flash output. However, there isn't two customizable settings so you either need 2 MC2's (one for full power and one starting at say 1/4 power as the max) or you need the ability to change the MC2 in the field. I might think a ND filter is cheap, fast and easy. But that's me!

No you don´t need two MC2.

You only need to put the AC3 in A mode and not in M mode and ad the flash +-2 stop compensatation in the camera to get the 8 full stop range of the Einstein.

PS - In the end you get 10 stops of variation

what if you don't have the AC3? I think you're out of luck if you're shooting with the powermc2 and a miniTT1 and need the einstein's full range. For me personally, I decided to stick with the buff remotes.

I use the cybercomand in the studio/indoors and the Pocket wizard in the exterior.

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