My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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Re: AF fine-tune still comes in handy

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That is good for all those camera-lens combinations they will calibrate. Now you get a new body (I have 3!) and/or a new lens... are you going to send them all back?

I hope to keep these for a while but shipping wasn't that expensive.  If I only have to do this once it'll be worth it.  Out of focus really bothers me.  What's the point of having a great lens if you can't take full advantage of their narrow DOF?  I hope the problem is body and that future lenses will not be so far off.

But yes I agree fine-tune is a great, even indispensable tool.  I was concerned on the zooms that fine tune might be okay for one focal length and not the other and thus wanted the lens "fixed" if there was a problem.  It's a bit of a quandary what to do but I'm trying this route.  I'll still have the fine-tune route for adjustments as well.  Going to be interesting to see what they come back with.

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