Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

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Re: Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

apersson850 wrote:

I have a WFT-E5B on one of my 7D cameras. Yes, I've used the ad-hoc mode to transfer directly to a laptop while in the field. At home, I use an infrastructure connection, wired or wireless, instead.

Just don't look here too often, so I hadn't seen your post.

What's the real question? Did you just want to know if you are alone or what?

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Hi Anders,

Thanks for responding ! Yes I have a specific problem with the WFT-E5. I reported it to Canon support. They didn't want to send the report on to someone with technical knowledge because my report of the problem is the only one they have i this geography (Scandinavia, I assume) for a while. They basically don't think it's a problem if they only have a problem report from one user. I don't think that the WFT-E5 is an accessory that has sold in great numbers (it's been unavailable in Denmark for about 6 month now - and it's significantly overpriced). So I don't view Canons support policy as a fair policy in this case. I think that the very low number of responses to this thread is an other good indication that only very few are using the WFT-E5.

So what is my problem ? When I'm using ad-hoc mode I can connect to the WFT after the connection has been set up on the WFT (either by power-cycling the camera or configuration change). If I haven't had an active connection to the WFT for some time (I've forgot how long - a minut or two) the WFT changes mode to an error mode because it doesn't have a connection and it will not accept new connections before it's been reinitialized (either power-cycle or configuration change). The mode change is also indicated by the LAN LED (it's blinking green when the WFT is ready to accept a connection, its solid green when it's connected and its red when it's gone to error mode and doesn't accept connections).

This isn't the way a server should work - it should be ready to accept a connection when it's been set up to do so. If it looses the connection it shouldn't go into an error mode that doesn't let a new client connect. It should be ready for a new connection:

"Since links can be connected or disconnected at any time, a functioning network must be able to cope with this dynamic restructuring, preferably in a way that is timely, efficient, reliable, robust and scalable."

Quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_ad-hoc_network

I've found a few ways to work around the problem:

  • I can let my netbook continue the connection but the netbook battery only last for so long and I want to be able to suspend it most of the waiting time to save netbook battery power to when it's needed.
  • I can turn the 7D auto-power-off on but this isn't good because I can't live with the short power-on delay of the 7D (it's a real issue - it cost me dream shots).
  • I can use an external WiFi device connected to the WFT over wired LAN (this also gives me higher throughput because the WFT isn't n and my external WiFi devide is so I can get a downloadspeed of 100M this way - much faster than the g connection supported by the WFT).
  • Finally I could leave my hide and walk to my camera and restart the WFT (fastest way is to turn power off and on again) at the risk of scaring off the shy birds I'm trying to photograph. This isn't really an option.

Anyway I would like to have the WFT firmware fix so that the WFT works as a proper server.

It would help me to hear from you if your WFT work the same way as mine. The WFT probably does if it's on the latest firmware as mine but the client you use to connect to the WFT may do things differently. Canon support basically didn't believe that there was a problem with their product and blame it on the client. I don't believe this is true but I have no way of testing it. Also I don't know the protocol details of ad-hoc WiFi connections.

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