Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

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Re: Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

abritton76 wrote:

It would be very useful if you could upload the actual video som time. Not saying you did but some people may say the em5 are photos as they look extremely sharp? Thanks for the effort though.Can I ask what you plan on buying if you don't keep the a99?

I piggy-back my home internet connection off my cell phone, I can't do video uploads right now.

The camera shots are stills.

This is not directed at you per se, because I'm sure there will be some fanboi's that start flinging far-fetched accusations of just that, but I don't give a damn if people think I posted stills. I didn't invest over $6,000 in a camera + 2 lenses to simply launch a campaign besmirch the fine Sony name, then return the camera, go through the hassle of selling the lenses and then have to start over and buy into another system. If someone believes that so be it, but I'm not going to acknowledge any such posts beyond this.

I'll post a full video from all the test shots sometime over the weekend when I can mooch a wifi connection at a coffee shop or something.

EDIT: I'm not venting any anger at you, please don't take it as such, I'm just stating facts.  You do bring up a valid point, but that's simply not the case.

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