Upgrade CS6 question

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Re: Upgrade CS6 question

mpeman wrote:

Speaking from only my personal experience, the upgrade is very worthwhile. There are fewer bugs that you might be led to believe on forums. The are some operational shifts that you may have to learn-but these are evolutionary processes, not bugs. It is always funny how every time there is a Photoshop upgrade (I have done them all since PS 4) that there are always grumbles about operation/price/bugs/doesn't do what I need, how I need it/poor design interface.

You can of course wait and see where everything ends up, which may cost you some $$$, or you can take the upgrade path and have a little patience and learn the new version a bit. You might find it a rather nice place. I know I have, but then I only use it about 8 hours a day, and teach it at the college level at night. Others may have valid, differing opinions, but I really like most of what Adobe has put into CS6. Would I make a few changes if I could? I might-but I also might not!

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Thanks Kevin,

I will do the upgrade and start the learning curve again.  Appreciate the comments....Best,  Bob

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