What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

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Re: What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

Brandon birder wrote:

altair8800 wrote:

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So my question is what changes to the Nikon 1 system would have to be made in order for you to take the Nikon 1 system serious in a professional capacity? Please remember that Nikon will most likely NEVER change the sensor size so its not an acceptable request. For those that already use the Nikon 1 system in a professional capacity, good for you much respect for finding the right tool for your job.

Do not change the sensor size, change the body to D300. I like the sensor size for birding, but I need long lenses. The V1 (and probably V2) are too limiting with the FT-1 as you do not get continuous AF and other features common in pro or semi-pro bodies. The Nikon 1x system (CX D300 body) would solve a lot of problems.


I too like the sensor size for birding. For me for the V1 to be professional means that I can use it on all my lenses just as I do the D800. I would love to see...

A20mpx sensor as in the Rx100 but with the Nikon pdaf on sensor.

Continuous af with the Ft1.

Better auto iso options

Bigger aperture native lenses

Longer native lenses

Same battery as V1

I think the V2 answers the ergonomic lackings of the V1 quite well.

I would buy the V3 if it has your mods. If they just produced a 400mm native lens it would solve most of my problems with the present system.


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