How far to push the ISO on the D800

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Ralf Ronander
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Re: How far to push the ISO on the D800

The risk of too harsh lighting in the foreground should be countered with the diffusor you say you have. I use my SB-900 angled upwards and with the white built in "flap" and have no problems with too harsh lighting if the room is reasonbly lit, i.e. not entirely dark.

That is with shutter speed of 1/500 where the flash won´t give full output, maybe lighting will get harsh if you set a lower shutter speed where the flash will give full power, but I doubt it.
You can also use compensation both for the flash as well as for the camera to balance things out.

Try out what suits you, I´m sure you can arrange a suitable indoor test in your own home before going to the shoot.

Anyway, you have so much more to work with in an ISO 400-800 file than an ISO 3200 file. If your foreground isn´t burnt out you can do wonders with shadow areas in post if you use lower ISO settings without having to worry about excessive noise, should you find that necessary.

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