This place has lost interest for photography. It's just about (really poor) gear talk.

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Re: This place has lost interest for photography. It's just about (really poor) gear talk.

As a member for six years I used to participate in this forum with enthusiasm, learning a lot and perhaps giving a little back.  Now, having been abused by so many idiots, despite having posted nothing remotely offensive or controversial, I mainly restrict myself to lurking in the hope that I come across something positive and useful.  Sadly this is rare of late and I keep saying to myself “there is nothing here for me”.

I mean no offence to the good guys but this forum seems to be 90% plonkers and 10% photographers of any skill level.  I just wish that there was some effective moderation to ensure that this site is what it surely was initially designed to be – a forum of peers.

My web site is below so you can judge for yourself what level of photographer I am.  I think such links should be a pre-requisite for writing “know-all” posts.  For those new to the game and wanting to learn, there is such a lot of talent and experience here that it should be a font of knowledge – I certainly found it to be a few years back.  It takes a while to be able to extract any learning nowadays though.

I currently use 2 x D4 and 1 x D800E because this is what I feel I need for the type of shots I take and they are currently the best that are available to me.  Each could be better and if I had such I might perhaps increase my keeper rate by 1%.  If asked, I shall quite happily share their pros and cons and explain why I sometimes reach for the D4 and other times the D800E.

I am not inclined to start a poll as to whether Nikon might be bringing out a D4X that combines the qualities of each camera.  I am far too purist a photographer for that sort of nonsense and think that those sort of posts demean this forum; it is the guy who presses the shutter that really counts, irrespective of the equipment.  However, it would be nice if there was a 32Mp D4X with the ISO and frps of the D4.  What do you think?  Spring next year or must we wait until autumn?  Should I sell my gear now in expectation and thus sell at a high price before the new models devalue?  What lens would be best for any type of shot?  If anyone has any inside knowledge I actually would be very interested……..!!!    (However pure we are, we all like the gear!)

Frankly for 95% of the shots I take, my old D70 would do the job fine.  I shoot sport, which is more demanding of equipment than most other genres and I am not very good, so to be able to shoot in the dark and then crop-in post capture is a real luxury that I will gladly pay money for.

And yes, early adopters of the models I have did notice some AF issues.  They were very obvious when using settings that few of us ever use in real life but we all like to test at.  Have they been sorted?  Nikon tell me they have.  To be frank I have not even bothered with post-rectification detailed checks because to date in real-life use, I have not experienced subsequent problems.  I actually do trust Nikon to tell me the truth and to date they have not let me down.

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