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Graystar wrote:

cpharm86 wrote:


This is what B & H recommended.

Of course that's what they recommend...look how expensive it is!

The Passport is a very good tool, but it is a post processing tool and one that's not so quick to use. You basically end up creating a custom color-management profile for every image you take. It provides the best color matching, but only if you take the time to use its process. As for setting a custom white balance on the camera...its large WB target aint so large. It may work fine for you simply because with your Canon you only need to fill the spot-meter circle (it's completely useless for Nikon users.) But it's a lot of money just to get a gray reference for custom white balance.

A DGC, or even a WhiBal, is quicker to use, easier to store and retrieve, and far more durable than the Passport. I feel that those qualities make cards more likely to be used. As I said in my previous post...I carry my DGC in my back pocket. I pull it out, use it, back it goes into the pocket. If you have to go digging into your camera bag to pull out a Passport and open it up and flip to the gray reference before you can use it...you'll never do that. It's too much bother...except for people who are quite serious about accurate color. If you get paid for product photography, then that's a different story entirely, and the Passport is worth its weight in gold.

Thank you for your help. I didn't want to spend the price of the passport and I don't get paid for product photography. The DGC looks like a good choice for my needs. I didn't know the canon only needs to fill the spot meter circle. I was watching a tutorial from Canon and it appeared that they said the full frame.

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