Holy RX1 Sensor Defect

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I don't agree and here's why:

This camera represent a very, no, make that exremely, high end product for SONY.

It would seem to me that they would ramp up production very, very slowly to make sure that the earliest units were blemish and defect free even if it meant selling them at cost.

This is a boutique/halo product that SONY hopes will profit them financially and reputationally.

Particularly in our networked age it is critical to get the basics right and having what looks like a piece of granite on/near the sensor doesn't speak to that.

One incident can easily become "I heard they were filled with garbage like the D600".

There is no right or wrong to this.  Everybody has their own standards.

My standards are such that I think it's an embarrasment.  For better or worse that standard has allowed me to enjoy a lifestyle that I would not have otherwise had.

And yes, that includes being able to buy $3,500.00 RX1 as a mere hobbiest without having to justify my purchase.

Hopefully for all concerned it will be a single isolated incident that will quicly be forgotten when the deluge of beautiful images hits this forum.

Peace and out.

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