Anybody go from a Canon SLR to a K5ii?

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Re: Anybody go from a Canon SLR to a K5ii?

I'm not too concerned about colors since I always shoot raw. On the AF speed, I'll just need to go test and see how I feel about it. It can't feel too slow to me. And I'm fine with a smaller body, it's what I'm looking for right now anyway.

I am not that fond of the default color profile (Bright) on the K5.  But I like color profile (Natural).   I have been happy with the canned profiles, but the profile is easy to customize in camera.   There is a button on the back that allows you to change it.

I don't know about other Raw converters, but LightRoom has two color profile choices for the K5: 1) adobe standard and 2) embedded profile.   The adobe standard does not play nice with Pentax.  So make sure you choose embedded profile.

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I agree you will need to test AF speed yourself.  But it may be difficult in the store since it is so lens dependent.

For me the speed is fine, but I would much prefer a smaller AF point.  The AF points can easily cover your subjects eyes and nose.  And you have no way of knowing where in the AF point the camera will find the most contrast and decide to focus.

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