4/3 to m4/3...what to do?

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Re: 4/3 to m4/3...what to do?

alolywu wrote:

Thank you all for the comments! I picked up a mmf-2 adapter.

So I'll by getting an EM-d to see how it performs. I really like the 7-14mm and the 14-54mm so didn't really want to get rid of them.

Saving money is always nice but I do hate taking such a huge hit on the 4/3 lens. I've seen stuff on Craigslist that would make me cry

Good for you

A few things:

- The 4/3 9-18mm and 7-14mm seem to be pretty picky as far as adapters go. They have to be dead on specs in order to work (Msusic lift the lid on that one a couple of years back, and an acquaintance of mine found the hard way a month ago that the Chinese copies of the MMF-1 adapter (although nice in finish) are maybe not machined totally to specs - he had awful results with his 4/3 9-18mm on m43 body with one of those, problems disappeared with an original Olympus adapter.

- If you ever decide to go for the m43 Panasonic m43 7-14mm lens - there seems to be a very strange issue with flare when used with the some Oly bodies. Flare is of course heavy on this lens, but on the EM5 and a few others it will get an abominable blue/violet color.

- If you are not totally sure what you want - don't jump on the EM5 yet. There are plenty of used / refurbished and even new m43 bodies starting south of $200 for a body only. You can play with one to see how you feel. I for one love the Farinelli (the Panny GF-3, which I call "Farinelli the Castrato" because of the lack of an EVF port and the lack of a flash hot shoe, which castrates this otherwise cute camera), which can be found at unholy  low prices, has the latest itteration of the 12mp sensor and has a fast AF (with m43 lenses) on par with the latest gen m43 AF. You can get a GF-3 body only typically around $150 on Ebay.

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