Any issues printing a 16 x 24 from Aperture?

Started Jan 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Wythe Whiting Regular Member • Posts: 238

I've finally gotten this to work. For some reason, if the paper has any curl to it (and it will if it comes from a roll), for whatever reason the printer senses that the paper is a different size than specified and crops the image.

Since there are very few papers that come in a 17x25" precut size, you'll probably be using paper from a roll. The thicker the paper, the more curl it's going to have and the more you'll have to bend it  the opposite way to straighten it. Be careful not to curl it too tightly in the opposite direction when trying to "correct" the original curl -- this can lead to creases in the printed surface of the paper.

Just make sure to that the paper is flat if using the automatic rear feed. Manually feeding it in the rear feed may be another good alternative.


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