How much has Fuji S5 contributed in todays Nikon's FX consumers...?

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Re: How much has Fuji S5 contributed in todays Nikon's FX consumers...?

Antal I Kozma wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Nikon's today's dominance in "enthusiast photography" market, seems to be DR... how much has Fuji S5 has contributed for the "thrill" to have been build?



I used to be a Fuji DSLR user from the S2 to the S5. I did like the colour and DR of the Fuji cameras. I used them till it became obvious that Fuji stopped developing its DSLR line and was dropping out of the professional market. Please do not hang upon my wording on "professional", professionals may choose to use other cameras than DSLRs but top line DSLRs still define the bulk of pro equipment.

Well said.

I was sincerely hoping that Fuji would develop the Super CCD into 24x36 mm with true pixel resolution of 12 MB or higher. I was also hoping that they would apply much more capable processing power and buffer zone to their cameras. Well, it did not happen. To my great sadness they vanished from the DSLR market.

Didn't we all...

In the meantime Nikon has done its homework and came out with 24x36 mm cameras that had a very much improved DR capability and a reasonably good 12 MB resolving power. It was a no brainer to buy into their system and give up my Fuji cameras. I was hanging onto one S5 and another S3 for a while but eventually they stayed in the drawer. I still has an S3 just for the sake of kindling fond memories.

Well said.

So, in my case Fuji did contribute to Nikon's development and increasing customer base by simply stopping their DSLR development. I eventually returned to Nikon and these days using D800 and D4 cameras.

Exactly my thoughts...

However, I still long for the"Fuji colour". For whatever reason I cannot recreate the same colour scheme with my Nikons. Not to say that Fuji had a flawless colour scheme. Just to say that it was uniquely pleasing and distinctly Fuji. Like in film days, some always shot on Kodak slide films and others used Fujichrome exclusively. Both were good but distinctly different in colour characteristics.

Again well said... Yet, I am surprised no one mentions the "excellence" of the Fuji super CCD in B&W photography!

I do believe that Fuji, at their DSLR peak, set the bar with DR with their Super CCD sensors. That of course had been overcome by now with new and improved sensors. However, Fuji did fuel the development of cameras that were aiming for wider DR.

Especially Nikon... that was the system that the customers were serving...

I still would be interested to see a new DSLR from Fuji, one that would be able to compete with Nikon in the Pro and advanced amateur market. In the meantime, Nikon works very well for me. I am at that point of my life that I could easily say; The D4 and the D800 will serve me very well for the rest of my photography needs. I am getting old I suppose.

Strange... I feel the same with the newer DSLR bodies of Nikon... I don't feel that further IQ improvement (that will inevitably occur) will contribute more to better my photography... It may well "kill" the fun of "challenging with tricky conditions" that I feel I need more... It's the same I now fell with my Contax 645 and Imacon 528c MFDB... Surely there are now better (by little) MFDBs around... But who cares....?

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Great post Antal...


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