This place has lost interest for photography. It's just about (really poor) gear talk.

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This place has lost interest for photography. It's just about (really poor) gear talk.

There's a thread right now saying this place is full of gear heads, non photographers, and too much anger.

Very little love for photography in here.

Well... that particular thread is a breathe of truth inside this place, and it made me motivated to start another topic.

I'd like to share with you a personal story.

I'm a fashion photographer based in Brazil, and with the help of internet, I've met a very young (28 years old), yet extremely talented portuguese fashion photographer.

I don't think I should tell his name, as that would sound like gossip LOL

The thing is, we became internet pals, and from January till November, he planned a visit to Brazil.

While he was here in November, we shot side by side some editorial work, and shared knowledge, tips and techniques.

After 5 days of shooting, all I can say is WOW (!!!!!).

Nothing else, plain and simple WOW.

This guy is a force of nature.

He is so confident, and so talented, that at the end of the shoot you can certainly expect to see at least a bunch of masterpieces, Vogue worthy material.

Simply awesome!

I consider myself a solid photographer, but this guy puts me to shame, and makes me feel like a beginner.

At one evening, I asked him about his beginning in photography, and his answer made me speechless.

He told me he began his photographer career just 3 years ago. His wife was pregnant, and they bought a little Canon to be able to have nice photographs of their child.

He discovered a talent, and he began to shoot to earn extra cash to pay the bills.

Fast forward 3 years later, he is one of the most impressive photographers in Portugal, and as I could see with my own eyes, I know how he did it.

Besides natural talent, this man is focused on a goal.

He studies really, really hard. Then practise, then learn, then study some more.

He knows everything one needs to know about photography, yet he's still taking extra workshops.

He doesn't stop, he is simply focused.

His gear wound be considered a beginner's gear among here in DP review... just a 5d II, plus some glass, nothing too fancy. Not even a 24-70 2.8 in sight.

But this man ability to focus himself on a goal, is something to behold.

I have nothing against amateurs or enthusiast that want to remain just as that, just hobbyists.

I really don't.

But no one should focus low, and keep themselves with eyes deeply closed, believing very bad photography is actually awesome (and masterpieces)... like we see around here.

Please, aim higher, and you'll see your reward and gratification will also be more intense.

Being an amateur is not excuse to aim low.

You can be an amateur and follow the steps of Ansel Adams, or produce Magnum like photographs.

It's just a matter of will.

And powerful will is something you just gotta find inside yourself, deep inside your brain and heart.

Will is not inside your shine D800. It's inside your own attitude.

Focus less on gear. Focus more on what you should do to improve yourself, and you'll see the ending result is much more rewarding than a new lens in the bag.

Flame at will.

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Marcio Napoli

Canon EOS 5D Nikon D800
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