Critique on close-up portrait and lighting please.

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Re: Critique on close-up portrait and lighting please.

Thanks for posting, Jeff. To put some more contex into this photo I was not trying to create a natural "beauty" portrait by definition. I have worked with people and understand how posing someone with proper lighting would successfully transform this into yet another one off successful portrait. You are correct in what you are stating, however I was trying to intentionally create an image with a female, straight on with lighting and processed differently.

My choice of natural light and reflector was a calculated decision. Was it successful? Perhaps not. But that is fine. As this was trial for something else with a different model in mind.

This wasn't a paying model but a friend who I asked to sit for me for 10-15 minutes.

What have I learned from this from the comments?

Well, it's not everyones cup of tea. And that is just fine. Majority aren't in favoure of it and that is perfectly fine. That is why art and photography are subjective.

I think the best critique I agree with that I didn't do would be to possibly create a little more shadow by pulling the reflector back.

I too agree with the top of the head and making it lighter

But thank you for your time in posting. Your points are correct and valid if I was trying to create just a nice haed shot, but I was trying to go for something a little different.

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