Just bought G3. Have some questions.

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Re: Just bought G3. Have some questions.

I have bought my own G3 16 months ago, body-only + 14-45 and 45-200 zoom lenses. I decided to avoid the less-expensive G3 + 14-42 kit because of the relatively bad reviews for this lens compared to the excellent ones for the "old" 14-45. While I have no experience with the 14-42, my 14-45 has been a faithfull companion, light, sturdy and tack-sharp.

My first thought, reading you post , was to suggest to ditch the 14-42 and get the 14-45 (used?) instead. However, since you already have a 14, a 20 and a 45 - although non of them stabilized - I would rather suggest that you wait and see how you really like to go out and take pictures. If you don't mind changing lenses, the three primes you have will yield excellent results, especially if you have a steady hand (for the 45). I you do lots of video and are a great believer in zooming in/out on most scenes, then the 14-42 power zoom might be a better choice. For the few videos I have made, manual zooming on the 14-45 has been quite sufficient for me.

As for colour rendition, I found it pretty much a non-issue since "standard" colour balance works pretty well on the G3 (compared to previous Panasonic models) and you also have the choice of two additionnal "portrait" settings to bring out the skin tones. Any other tweak you might have to do should be very easy from your RAW files. Again, shoot (pictures) first, than ask questions later...

Have fun with your G3!

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