My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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AF fine-tune still comes in handy

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John - I believe you are referring to at least one of 2 articles that LensRentals released a while back. I have both links as references at the bottom of a post I wrote a while back:

Why we should all AF fine tune our lenses


I agree focus should be correct whatever the means. I had mine calibrated and the Nikkor 50mm 1.8g needed -10.

Someone recommended using a good Nikon authorized repair center as this problem would be fixed under warranty. I looked into and it was indeed the case. (I shipped off my camera and lenses today.) They said they would correct the camera and/or lenses AF without fine-tune.

That is good for all those camera-lens combinations they will calibrate. Now you get a new body (I have 3!) and/or a new lens... are you going to send them all back? I'd only recommend it if an "outlier" exists, i.e., a lens or camera that is obviously out of kilter when compared to the rest of my kit. For other cases, AF fine tune is a nice tool to have to address those differences in how a given lens interplays with a given body. It's also handy as time passes, because the original calibrated settings will drift with use and wear. Let's remember perfection is not attainable with gear, just acceptable tolerances.

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