Just bought G3. Have some questions.

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Re: Just bought G3. Have some questions.

tt321 wrote:

Philly wrote:

Thanks for your reply. On a quick search of ebay US, I didn't see the same battery that you cited, but I've taken notice of your comments. FYI, for anyone who's interested, this is a non-OEM that I saw (but I don't have any feedback info on this particular battery or vendor):


Be careful about this one, as it says "Non-decoded battery requires 3rd-party charger". Mine charges fine on the Panasonic charger, although ones looking exactly the same as mine on the US ebay site:


says the same thing.

These however claim to be

"100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments, guaranteed."

Basically it's your call. I guess the sellers are just pasting their text from somewhere. But you do have a reason to return if they claim and could not deliver.

Thanks a lot!

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