Just bought G3. Have some questions.

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Re: Love my G3.

Charles Pike wrote:

Great camera, wonderful buy. I also bought my camera from B&H. I am only going to address the zoom len question. I own the 14-45mm zoom, and while it is a good kit lens, I use the 14mm and 20mm for most everything. I do have the 45-200 zoom as well, with I use for birds in my back yard, but the 14 and 20 are my money lens. Primes may be a problem to change compared to a zoom, but they are fast and sharp. If you need the money, sell the zoom, I kept my 14-45 but almost never mount it. I want the faster lens mounted. I shoot street, and lots of b&w, and when I go to town, I only carry the camera with one lens and leave everything else at home. I zoom with my feet.


Thanks for your comments.  I assume you meant to say that you have the 14-42mm, not the 14-45mm?  I also love using the 20mm, and really like the 14mm.  Oh, I also have the 45-200mm.  I got it on sale, last year, but haven't used it much because none of my m4/3 cameras have a VF.  It will be nice to be able to use the G3 with long lenses.

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