NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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PP or camera settings make the difference

It is very unlikely that the NEX standard jpeg settings will satisfy you.

After the default setting is as "neutral" as possible. The effects that you seem to like (e.g. high contrast & sharpening) can look great (or sometimes not), but if that would be the default setting then you'd always loose some of the information in the image.

Sometimes a very dull image can still be saved, especially if you shoot in RAW and can recover details "hidden" in the 12 EV dynamic range in the photo.

An example:

These 4 images are different kinds of PP of the same shot. The idea was to get to the location (Eckartsau, an old hunting castle in Austra) just before sunset. However sometimes things don't work out as they should and so I arrived after sunset, with a cloudy sky, just before it got really dark.

Anyway, took some photos with a tripod, and of course the result was really awful - but just to show the completely different results that you can get:

Tihs is the unprocessed RAW, with just the basic sharpening setting and everythin else set to +/- 0

The same image but exposure pushed in PP. It's still a dull, boring image

Now with reduced saturation, especially the green tones. pushed yellow luminance a bit. some extra "clarity" and a grad filter (contrast and neg exposure) in LR, and last but not least some vignetting. still far from decent, but compare it with the original and judge yourself

this one's quite heavy PP now :> I don't really fancy that style but some do

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