Wedding Gear for 2013: D800 (+D700 backup) & 6x6 Film Camera (+6x6 backup). Am I mad?

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Re: Wedding Gear for 2013: D800 (+D700 backup) & 6x6 Film Camera (+6x6 backup). Am I mad?

mattoz22 wrote:

Hi, I want to start shooting weddings on film as well as digital to offer clients something new (or less common in 2013). I shot a wedding in October this year, 50% on a Contax 645, 50% on D800. I had a higher percentage of film keepers than expected so was pleased and I took digital shots also as a backup.

I have previously used a D800+D700 for weddings.

I now enjoy shooting my 6x6 more than 645 format. I wanted to ask your thoughts on 6x6 format for wedding photography as I realise it is uncommon.

Here is an example using the Contax. I cannot show a people shot as the clients asked me not to -

I look forward to your thoughts I probably some more blunt comments.


You need to use a different lab, there's a lot of dust and crap on the scans that's totally not cool for client work. Also, the color isn't super awesome. Richard Photo Lab or Indie Film Lab are the way to go for wedding work, without question.

Stick to the Contax, it brings in twice the light and it's cheaper to shoot, you get 4 more exposures per roll and the quality difference vs. 6x6 on Noritsu/Fuji scans is imperceptible.

If you want to shoot weddings on film, GOOD FOR YOU! I do, and it just about trippled what little business i get because clients loved the look of it and I didn't have to do ANY post production on them.

Bummer is, it costs $300-$700 to shoot a wedding in film/developing costs alone. I hope you're charging enough to justify that.

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