Overall RX1 price = € 3820

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€ 3100 (official price in EU incl. VAT)

€ 500 EVF (required in bright sunlight)

€ 170 lens hood (required in bright sunlight & lens protection)

€ 50 battery (only 210 CIPA shots definitely requires a 2nd battery)

Sum : € 3820

The EVF is not required in sunlight

"Required" is a strong word. The LCD will completely wash out with bright sun hitting it White "Magic" or not. I have an RX100. Same screen. That's is the RX100s biggest liabilty as far as I'm concerned.

The lens hood is not required in sunlight

If one is shooting this level of cam and they don't use a hood in bright sun then they don't know what they are doing.

The battery is available for far far less then that.


Further it is less then buying a FF DSLR. So I fail to see your point.

No; it is similarly priced when viewed in a "big picture" context.

RX1 will not even remotely touch the full capabities of a FF SLR with a kit lens. (and yes, I "get" that its diminutive size has a value all its own).

You can buy a Mercedes wagon and a well equiped Boxster for 70K. Not hard to make the arguement that the Boxster is more of a luxury and therefore more expensive.

Which full capabilities of a FF SLR would you say would be missing? Other then the ability to pick different lenses. Let's assume for this that a person buying a fixed lens camera is doing it because that focal length suites their purposes and that particular feature is not needed. given you say it won't remotely touch the capabilities you must have more then the one feature in mind.

Reflex optical viewfinder

Focus speed and accuracy

Non-menu based cotrols

Ability to change focal length.

The OP Stated : "At least to me this is a price level that has seriously to be considered. No intention to judge or classify such an investment but you better have some very good reasons to buy this cam."

Heard to argue with that. If all you need from the RX1 is 35mm then it is a good camera for you. BUT; you better think about that carefully because other cameras are more broadly capable for similar dollars.

My guess is that most buyers won't really be making that choice becuase it will be a second, third, or fourth camera.

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"In regards to the lens hood, there are inexpensive alternatives to the Sony branded one. I can't comment on the LCD yet other then to say that reviews I have read state it is clearly visible in direct sun light."


The screen is very good and holds up very well but it will wash out under certain conditions. You can trust me on that.

Fair points though I am not sure I agree with the item Non menu based controls as every button on the RX1 is custom programmable. I am sure the screen will wash out under "certain" conditions, I have a EVF on order for that reason. My personal plan to deal with the focal length issue as I think I said in other places, is to have a Sony a57 or a65 and a Tamron 70-300 or Sony 70-400 to cover all of my telephoto needs. I can get the Sony a57 + tamron 70-300 (which has awesome IQ) for under $1k and end up with 35mm equivilent telephoto to 450mm with IS and silent motor for less then getting a 70-200 lens for a FF body. Then I still have all the benefits of the RX1 for all my non telephoto shots (which I honestly don't take all that many of).

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