NXR and NX300 ... what are your hopes and expectations ?

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Re: NXR and NX300 ... what are your hopes and expectations ?

I agree, I think an improved WiFi remote finder that allowed full control over the camera would be a class leading feature.  People would buy the camera for this reason.

What I would like to see:

0) A plan of where Samsung wants to be and develop products towards that plan.  Random is not good in this case.

1) Hybrid focus, - because everyone else is.

I think sensor performance is fine, a little improvement would always be welcome

2) Overall performance increase.  I am okay with it, but faster writes to memory card, less lockout period while shooting RAW, etc, is good.  Do this without sacrificing battery life (might require a larger battery).

3) Improved OOC JPEG at high ISO

4) More controls for JPEG settings, especially at high ISO

5) More control over in camera editing, hard enough to even crop a picture at the size you want

This isn't something I use a lot, but they are pushing wi-fi connectivity and sharing, you need to be able to edit the images how you like.

6) Radio flash as someone else indicated.  Give it a great flash system if you want to compete with pro level.  I would ditch my SLR if it was good enough for shooting weddings, etc.  As it is I use it in conjunction with them.

7) Lenses

Bring a 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 55mm f/1.4, some telephoto lenses, and a nice NX1 body to compete at pro level (if that is the path Samsung wants to go, see 0)

One of the things everyone on Sony is asking for is a 16-50mm f/2.8 and maybe a large aperture tele zoom too.  Answer what Sony users want before Sony does.  Make the larger NX1 body with a couple large aperture zoom lenses.  Don't make the NX1 too big, but make it big enough to work with the larger lenses (85mm f/1.4, etc).  Maybe X Pro1 or XE1 sized.  I would skip the SLR look, even though I like it I think people want the more "modern" (actually older) rangefinder style.

8) consider a full frame sensor.


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