NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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Re: NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

ShinyFace wrote:

martindesu wrote:

ShinyFace wrote:

Sorry I can't explain better. But the truth is, I don't like the pictures that have been posted any more than I like my own. Maybe I am a perfectionist.

Please could you post an example, or three, of a photo you do like?

I, for one, am extremely interested.

i like the picture of the owl, that is why i posted that one. as for landscapes, I will have to fish around in flickr, i saw some that I loved the other day (some taken on NEX-7) but I didn't bookmark them and now I can't remember where they are. i also like these but know this is not achievable with a sub-pro camera:

a few of those would qualify as "perfect"

A NEX F3 could get nearly the same quality with a first class lens, if you were in the right place at the right moment.

The cracked boulder shot was certainly taken using a tripod as it has a slow shutter speed. The lupines are taken with the lens well stopped down, so again using a tripod. (And remote control).

Both these were shot with full frame cameras, but I don't think you will see the advantage over an APS-C camera until you get to A2 print size.

Note from the comments how people will go back to the same place again and again, until the light is just right.

Read the artist's biography on

to get some idea of why her photos are better than most people's.

Do _not_ go rushing out to buy a "better camera". You might consider, if you can afford it, getting one good prime lens.

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