Glasses, how do you deal?

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Re: Glasses, how do you deal?

Jasonsmom wrote:

So my vision is really bad without glasses. I have walked into walls:-P.

I consider myself very lucky in the fact that with glasses I am corrected to 20/20 vision.

The correction is so strong that it distorts my close up vision & am now wearing no line bifocals.

Without glasses I can see 3 1/2 to 4 inches in-front of my face.

Well I just started taking pictures with new DSLR. With my glasses I can see OK through viewfinder (after I adjusted diopter). But, then I have problems seeing the screen of what I've just taken. I'm trying to figure this out.

Anyone else out there have this problem? Have you found any tricks? This kinda sucks, as I'm getting a headache really quickly.

I am far sighted but I can use the diopter adjustments to make the viewfinder very clear.  With my glasses on I can see the rear LCD just fine.  But I use the viewfinder since the rear screen results in an unstable shooting platform and using it reduces image quality unless I am using a tripod.

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