hanging your prints and cell phone camera abuse

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hanging your prints and cell phone camera abuse

Dear fellow printer-makers:

This might not be the best forum for this discussion, other than most who print also display in public.

With the proliferation of the smart phone / camera, the public has grown accustomed to photographing everything.

When I do outdoor shows, I post "no cell phone photography signs". "This pretty much discourages the honest folks, but not the obsessive ones. At shows where i have a booth and physical presence,  I usually stop it by approaching the person standing there with the phone ready to snap pictures.

A couple of days ago, I hung some canvas giclees in a coffee house. For a major chain, they did not have a professional mounting system so i used canvas; it is lighter and safer for those sitting beneath. (Personally, I would rather use glass because it makes it harder for them to copy)

It is the first time in years that i sat in a coffee-shop on a laptop with my work hanging above.

***In the space of half and hour, three people came along and snapped cell phone pictures.

Any thoughts? i realize the world is changing very quickly with the advancements in the cameras on the phones. Now, with us printing bigger, comes another challenge.

Personally, the crux of my argument here is that I see a loss in sales to people who want our work but are happy with a cell phone image which they can do with as they please.

Anyone coming to the same conclusions ...... or thoughts on the matter?

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