Tethering the new iPad to Nikon DSLRs

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Re: CamRanger

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I just got that info:

* A Windows version is planned - don't have a release date.

* It does support RAW files from Canon camera

* It will transfer Nikon RAW files, but you can view only thumbnails at this time.

* It is using 802.11N with RAW file transfer time around 15+ seconds. Small JPEGS transfer much faster, but it sounds like its much like EyeFi speed based on AdHoc 802.11 N

* Support for 802.11AC isn't planned (too bad)

Based on all this is it a far superior solution than EyeFi or WT-5x solutions and supports the iPad. If you want iPad wireless, this is the best option. If you want Windows, the Wireless USB dongle plus ControlMyNikon beats it speed wide by miles with all the basic function most will ever need, but CamRanger advanced options are really slick.

Damn, I wish they'd build one based on the WUSB 2.0 Wisair chipset!


I think I may get a USB 2 cable from Tether Tools and then Control My Nikon. Would that setup be sufficient? Not sure how convenient having some dongle would be... most seem fairly big or need goofy power adapters.

My only concern is: does moving around with USB connected to your camera damage the terminal over time or anything? I know my USB powered phone charger has degraded the terminal over time, making it somewhat loose. Is that an issue if I shoot tethered, wired?

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