Bummed, but returning D600

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Re: Really, Nikon???

PatFahey wrote:

It very strictly is pointed out that you shouldn't try to clean the sensor in the manual, if the built-in methods don't work! I will abide to that, as long as it is new, and probably longer!

From page 303 in the D600 manual. Mind-boggling. I haven't seen a Nikon DSLR starting with the D200 that doesn't throw oil in the early days of its life.

Nikon really expects people to send in their DSLRs for sensor cleaning?

Film is starting to look pretty good again.

They expected me to return the camera to the store I bought it from or send it to them to re-map a dead pixel (dead centre of all images...could be seen above ISO 1200 at around 1/60)...there is an easy solution built in to the d600 to remap them (do a sensor clean in the software 2 times quickly)...it's worked like a charm and has worked for many others with d600 and d800...

Nikon would rather it cost them money it seems to fix some problems...silly

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