Safari WTF?

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Re: Safari WTF?

DogShot wrote:

KAllen wrote:

I click on the symbol top right to find the screen and as often as not I get nothing back.

The symbol at the top right with two diagonal arrows is ´╗┐full screen mode.


Well that's the thing I keep having to toggle to get an address bar I can type into or a window I can drag around. I even have to use it to get something as basic as a back button. It's a joke right, Apple is having a laugh, it gives little extra viewing area but messes up a perfectly good workflow.Someone has actually had to spend time dreaming this up and it passed QC for zero increase in ease of use.

It's lack of that pointless nonsense I used Mac's for in the first place, everything had a purpose once, to provide an elegant solution not flash and dance for the sake of flashing and dancing.

I fear with no Steve Jobs at the helm Apple are going to miss the point, it can look good but above all else it must function well. No doubt it's the same thinking behind loosing colour coding in Aperture, "lets make it all grey because we think it looks cool".

Just a small thing in the grand scheme, but it shows a change of thinking at the core, style over substance is the new buzz.


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