NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

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Re: NEX-F3 frustration--is this related to ISO 200?

Ok, these are using a neutral density filter and very small apertures (the first is f22) to force a long exposure, on a tripod, at the golden hour, in spectacular locations, and using very careful post-processing from RAW (i.e. not the camera's JPGs). This effect is actually achievable with a NEX, but possibly requires better (read: $$$) lenses than the kit zoom. I don't have any similar examples (lol), though some of my night time long exposures use a similar technique:


I like those, especially factory--I think there is a beauty in industry that many people can miss..thank you.

Nice night shots, I enjoy those a lot, but I have no tripod and the difference is really apparent...this is St. Petersburg, Russia at midnight! middle of summer of course

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