Lightroom: Imported RAW goes darker after "loading"

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Embedded JPG vs. LR processing

The most likely explanation is, as XeroJay said, that Lightroom at first viewing shows the imbedded JPG from the RAW as a preview. When LR has finished its own processing the preview is then replaced with the LR one.

Why is there a noticeable difference between these two previews?

Basically because the processing instructions for the two JPGs are different. The embedded JPG is processed by the camera according to the JPG settings. The LR preview is processed according to the profile selected for the camera as a default.

The LR default processing is often rather neutral, so especially if you have experimented with the JPG camera settings, the differences between the two will be more pronounced.

What to do?

Ignore it. I leave the camera settings on neutral and LR on standard, ignore the differences I see on import, and process in LR according to my taste.

Or find a processing default which you like, then adjust both the camera settings and the LR profile to give that 'look'. This option will require some experimentation...

Third, if you really like the embedded JPG preview, consider that you may not need the hassle of RAW processing.

Do note that in-camera JPG processing is often set up to give a more immediate appeal. This often, but not necessarily ialways, includes brighter images.

Why doesn't DPP have the same problem?

In contrast to LR, DPP knows about and can process according to the camera JPG settings. There should therefor be little to no difference between the embedded and the processed JPG (caveat - there are exceptions to this!).

Regards, Mike

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Wait and see...

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