Computer Video Card and SSD for Photo Editing Speed

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Alberto Tanikawa
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Re: Computer Video Card and SSD for Photo Editing Speed

The Intel HD 3000/4000 will use system memory, so if you put in 8-16GB of ram, the built-in gpu will take up to 1GB afaik (could be more) from system memory. I would just put in a cheap Nvidia/AMD discreet gpu with 2GB of DDR5 and call it a day. Lightroom makes very little if any use of gpu, and really, the highend discreet gpu's are severe overkill for photo editing. For Lightroom I would invest as much as possible on a fast cpu and lots of ram. I haven't used an SSD yet, so I'm not sure if there would be much, if any benefit having an ssd for the developing and exporting performance. I'm sure programs and files would load super fast, but all that work is still cpu bound. Good luck, it's going to be fun putting together a new rig, I certainly would love building another one from scatch

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