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PGR streetshooter wrote:

I've read all the threads here about set for the X10. The camera arrived last night and I have a few questions.

Congratulations, there are quite a number of helpful people here, and i have collected some basic advice in this document;


I'm a Streetshooter and that's my birth name. I like to shoot "M" mode with Auto ISO. I like shooting in Zone, (Snap) mode but need AFS at times. So far the X10 does all this.

Yes, the mf shows the zone nicely, it is a bit slow to turn the wheel, so i use af lock to find the starting distance (the focus light is really bright, be aware if you use it)

A few things I'm in the dark about this morning. What is the best mode and setup for the camera?

Bear in mind, I will not be submissive to a camera. This means that if I want 1/250 F/8...that's not open for discussion. I will let the camera set the ISO up to a high point that I trust.

There are quite a number of "best" modes depending on your style and need, i simply keep it at m size since i dont need to enlarge or crop a lot, thus guaranteeing the dr system works, i also like the velvia colours, that is a really personal taste, and -1/3 exposure is good to avoid blownouts

I prefer Raw files and work in LR4 but will use jpeg if I can get what I want.

Ouch, that is the tricky part, the x10 raw files are hard to make as good as the jpg, some says because of lack of proper adobe raw profile, plenty of examples show this (and forget silkypix if you are used to lightroom, i havent even installed it on my new computer)

Thus the best quality is strangely done by converting raw to jpg in the camera, and then do jpg fine tuning and crop in lightroom; try how it works, i know it is a pita to change workflow and you probably can use the jpgs directly, then just have to be a bit more careful about the light

From what I understand....using EXR modes kills any interaction from me on settings, like shutter and or aperture. It seems to be the opinion that jpeg is far better then raw on this camera. Ok, I'll change my way of thinking but how to setup for the best result given my working needs?

Only exr auto and auto is killing the exposure dial, thus in exr mode you can select the other exr and have control, though i have put dr auto and iso auto 1600 in pasm mode to let it work there as well and right now use the fn button as "intelligent digital zoom" which is a very useful 2x zoom which is permanent as a setting, thus only useful if assigned the fn button (or if you want to shoot at 2x all the time:) - the 2x makes the viewfinder show more than the photo, which i really like

A nice thing about shooting jpg is that you get more aware of what you do, since there are less space for making mistakes, you get to learn the colour modes and save a lot of space plus the camera shoots faster, in street that could be a lifesaver being able to make more shots instead of waiting for raw files to save!

Collected user advice for all Sigma DP1 and DP2 models:

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