5D3 + 50L + Outer AF points = Much Sadness

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Re: You are very welcome but......

Collett wrote:

I wonder how much of it may be attributed to technique for some people. It is not exactly easy shooting at F1.2 on the 50L on any camera. When I see results like this I am encouraged Candid street shot w/ 5diii and 50L at F1.2

I am actually fine with the outer focus points on the 5dII when in good light and shooting at F4 or so, albiet not as many keepers as I would like. Not many keepers at all for me when using the outer points on the 5dII with the 50L at F1.2 or even less than F2.0

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Jim, that point is always worth mentioning, but the problem is if you are an experienced shooter, and used to shooting wide aperture primes, IF the camera is faulty with side points that are out of adjustment then you will have MORE OOF shots because you ARE steady & have good technique!

It's a double edged sword.  The person who is less steady might actually move enough to get some number of shots into focus.

I thought the issue with my camera was certainly me until I'd had enough shots that absolutely should have been perfect that I had no doubt the camera was off.  I have been shooting wide primes for a long time, but I am not ever overly confident.

Anyway, it's a very easy issue to test with a tripod.  If every side focus point shot is OOF with 5D3, something's wrong.

- Michelle

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