Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

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Re: too complex

I don't care if this is getting complex, because I'm learning a lot. I have already discovered that with my macro lens that I have quite a few shy little "models" scurrying around my house. I just have to shoot them instead of squishing them.

I tried the extension tube on the front end... it doesn't work, and now I know why. It doesn't matter if you put the extension tube on the front or back end, it won't work, because the distance from the lens to the focal plane is too long.

If I move the camera all the way back on the rail with the tube, I can't get focus because I'm too far from the subject. If I move in close enough to get focus at infinity, the enlarging factor becomes greater than 1:1. (More like 2:1.) Great for my little models, not so great for slides.

If I remove the tube, close the bellows down to minimal distance, and pull back about 4/5ths of the way down the rail from the target, I get just about 1:1 coverage at infinity. If I pull back farther away down the rail, I lose focus, and can't get it back, no matter what I do. (I can't focus past infinity on this lens.)

Stopping all the way down to f/32 helps me get just a bit more coverage. I have daylight-balanced bulbs, so I can put together a simple, cheap rig to backlight the slides so that I can do it at f/32. (Put bulb in work light, aim at work light.)

It's really a crop sensor issue more than anything else. If I was using a full-frame sensor, I wouldn't have any trouble at all getting full coverage with a 50mm macro. But since the Nex has a ~1.5x crop factor, the coverage is tighter. (I lose ~1% of the image along the left edge and bottom. Less if I go to f/32.)

Also, because the bellows planes are naturally a little wiggly, there are going to be other issues that crop up as well, like horizontal/vertical distortion if I don't squeeze them a bit as I'm shooting. It's annoying, but not a huge deal.

Really, losing 1% is not the end of the world. It's merely annoying. If I did this on the 60D, I might lose more of the image-- I can't remember if the crop factor is more pronounced on the 60D or on the Nex, but ISTR that the crop is slightly higher on the 60D. (I could be wrong. Wouldn't surprise me.)

I'll probably order a reversing ring for my 35mm Sumicron, and see what happens for the sake of completeness. I can handle ~$25 for that.

For a copy stand, I already have a little light pad (it's a little small to call it a table) and a really good tripod, so I'll work something out with that for the 127 slides.


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