Autofocus setting? Cannot get 24-70mm to focus

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Re: Autofocus setting? Cannot get 24-70mm to focus

john1980 wrote:

Dear community,

I worked long with a 550d.
Now I bought a 5d mk2 and great zeiss glass and a used 24-70mm mk1

It might have to do that I do everything manual and never used autofocus.
But since that 24-70mm dropped I would like to test if autofocus is alright.

I'm in movie mode but as far as I remember it should still do autofocus on half shutter press.

Please advice what could be the erroneous setting.
Autofocus is not happening in M mode and the green automatic mode.

The lens itself is on A of course.

Thank you.



Start by telling us if the lens focuses ok for normal still shots.

Then check the manual to see if it focuses in video mode...

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