The G15 is portable!

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Re: Actually G15 is bulky & heavy...

Tapper123 wrote:

tkpatric wrote:

Had the G15 in my hands, and he fitted in my shirt-pocket! I finally made my choice between Sonny RX100 and the Canon, and it is the G15, a beautiful 'real' camera. Without a doubt the Sony is a tad better, but for A4 prints and my 24" computer screen it does not matter, there is practical no difference in iq. Plus the G15 has more options that (to ME) made the difference, and in low light the Canon equals the Sony thanks to the much better image stabilization.

The G15 is significantly larger and over 30% heavier than the RX100, and the RX100 has a much larger sensor and is clearly the better image making device. Without the articulating screen, there is no good reason to choose G15 over RX100 IMO, except perhaps for some irrational brand loyalty to Canon, or because the RX100 is too expensive for you. Otherwise I see no advantages to the G15, only disadvantages.

See here for size comparisons. The G15 looks HUGE next to the RX100:,383

I always wonder if such limited perspective is based upon ignorance, arrogance, or perhaps a little of both.  The G15 has a longer zoom, better IS, better JPEG processing, brighter lens, and is about $150 cheaper.  For my needs, I would probably choose the RX100, but which is "better" is most certainly a matter of perspective.

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