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Re: Safari WTF?

Jen Yates wrote:

You're using OSXs full screen mode. It has nothing to do with safari all your issues stem from you...

A) Using a mode where it's one window per 'screen' (Annoyingly for us multi monitor users one 'screen' means all the monitors combined)

B) Opening a new window to open up a new link

C) Being surprised that Apple's 'one window per screen' behaviour won't allow you to view two windows at once.

Apple know their full screen implementation isn't perfect. In fact it's so damn terrible a lot of people (myself included) don't use it at all.

Your two solutions are as follows.

1) Stop using full screen mode. It's great for distraction free working to push everything else aside but can't (and shouldn't) be used to work on multiple apps, or multiple instances of a single app.

2) Use tabs in safari. Cmd+T opens up a new tab.

I have never selected anything called full screen mode, I can't see anything in preferences called full screen mode. So if Safari has taken upon itself to select full screen mode, no it's not me it's either Safari or Apple's doing. I've never heard of full screen mode until now, where exactly is it to turn off please?


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