PZ 16-50 decentered?

Started Dec 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
thaddak Regular Member • Posts: 160
Re: test using focus

Poronga wrote:

This softness affects about 15% of the right side of the image, and it sharpens gradually when reducing aperture, being fine after f6.3. It is also less noticeable at longer focal lengths.

Is this "normal" for this type of kit zooms, or should I try to get it replaced? I am still within the return period.

Set the focus mode to manual or DMF, activate focus peaking then point the camera against a flat wall using the widest aperture. If the problem is obvious, the left side of the frame will have the focus peaking colour overlay much more than the right side.

You could also do the tried and tested "brick wall / newspaper test" too.



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