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Re: Safari WTF?

EricWN wrote:

Can you see the windows if you activate Mission Control?

Heaven forbid I will have to use mission control, I'll be forced to use those annoying hot corner things next. But yeah looks like they are there.

It's a completely different experience and it's many times worse. It should be my choice to hide the window not have it vanish into the ether, a backward step in usability. I could drag and slide before, now I have to toggle top right to get an address bar or to drag. More actions to achieve the same. How is that progress?

I've got tabs ticked, not seen one appear yet. Cmd N brings up a new page then I have to toggle to get an address bar, why would you not want an address bar in a new page? Why can't I drag when the address bar is open? I've got to toggle it again to drag it. Where does it go when it slides off the screen? I've now got to go to a menu to get a window back I'm using, it makes no sense, what exactly has it improved upon?

And trivial it ain't when you have bing maps open and you are trying to research an address in google and you have another window open streaming realtime information and stuff just slides off the screen when you open another window. I'm cross reference pages all the time, mission control opens a page that fills the screen you can't move until you toggle it again. It's complete nuts.


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