75mm or 35-100mm

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Re: 75mm or 35-100mm

A lot of good feedback both ways on this one.  This topic is of interest to me as well as I have been contemplating the same.  I would add that if I were shooting the OM-D I would lean toward the primes due to their smaller size and the OM-D IBIS.  If I shot Panasonic I would lean toward the 35-100 as it has stabilization.

Personally, I shoot the Panasonic and just got my GH3.  One of things that attract me to the format is the size of the body and lens combos.  I have the 12-35 and it's really sharp and well built and I like the idea of a small camera bag with two, maybe three lenses.  So I'm leaning heavily toward the 35-100 myself.

I have Canon FF system and my second most used lens is the 70-200 IS f2.8 behind the 16-35 2.8.  The third lens in that mix for me is 50mm f1.4.  So my thinking is to emulate that kit in the smaller m4/3 format.

I agree with all here the 75mm is gorgeous, feels great and lovely to shoot.  Haven't shot the 45mm but don't doubt that special as well.  I think you can't go wrong either way.

I just have found that as I have gotten older, convenience is preferred over absolute performance.  Kind of like preferring a sporty car that can seat four to a 2-seater sports car.  I like the zoom's ability to crop in the finder as opposed to later in post.  I see that as maximizing the resolution, especially when things are happening fast and I can move closer to the subject. If I shot in controlled environments and could dictate where I wanted the subject, the primes would be far more appealing.  But I shoot photojournalism and generally like to blend into the surrounding and record what I see, what's happening without coaxing.  Unfortunately, I don't have the skill set of a Bresson or Salgado so zooms help!

Good luck with choice!  The format has really come to life recently!

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