FZ200 with Canon Tele-converter?

Started Dec 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: FZ200 with Canon Tele-converter?

Mr B2,

I have got the adapter barrel for the FZ200 and an old Canon 1.7X add-on lens I used to use with a Canon G5.  I'm just awaiting the necessary step-up ring 55-58mm, as Mr Levine describes.

If and when that step-up ring arrives (it is already 2 days late) I'll try the Canon lens on the FZ200 and take a test shot or three if it fits well enough.  I'll post them here.

Incidentally, I also have a Canon 0.7X wideangle adaptor lens with a 58mm thread.  It too was meant for the Canon G5, which (as I recall) had a max wideangle of 35mm.  This lens will probably go on the FZ200 via the adapter but I would expect it to have a heavy vignette at the FZ200 25mm widest angle.   I'll give it a try anyway.

But don't hold your breath as I see no postman on the horizon bearing that step-up ring.

SirLataxe, doing a lot of FZ200 fiddlin' about just now.

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